Introduction to Logic

Title: Project Logic and Computation 1: Introduction to Logic
Course code: 51221PLC3Y
Credits: 3 EC
Course load: 4 weeks programme (part time) / 2 weeks programme (fulltime)
Coordinator: Maria Aloni
Instructors: Peter van Ormondt and Maria Aloni

This introductory course to logic is part of the Minor Logic and Computation, ILLC, University of Amsterdam. The course is offered as a self-study with opportunities for final exams in blocks 1, 3 and 6. One week before each exam there will be one Q&A session with the instructors. The schedule with time and location of the exams and the Q&A sessions can be found in DataNose.

Course description

The course is intended primarily for students who wish to do the Minor Logic and Computation but who have not yet followed an introductory course to logic. Students are expected to cover the course material by self-study alone. The written exam will assess students’ knowledge of the following topics:


You are free to choose your own textbook. There are many excellent introductions to logic available. However, for this course we recommend everybody to read

In addition, read,


The book by Gamut is written with an eye towards applications in linguistics, whereas the book by van Dalen has a more technical style suitable for students with a background in mathematics or computer science.

gamut.jpg     logic-and-structure.jpg

Test exam

Once you have studied the course materials it is time to test yourself. If you are able to make the following test exam you should be well prepared to make the real exam.


Grading will be based on a written exam. In 2021/22 there are three opportunities for a final exam on 7 October, 3 February and 30 June. The exams will take place in Science Park. Consult DataNose for exact time and locations: DataNose


Only registered students are admitted to the exams. To register please send an email to the Minor coordinator at at least one month before the exam.


Contact the coordinator in case you have questions, suggestions or complaints.